North Wharf Gardens Phases 1&2.

London, UK

Matthew Warner, Partner at Hoare Lea

Project Lead:
Matthew Warner

Centred on energy saving.

Phase 1.

This project is the first phase of a multi-stage development of residential, workplace, and retail spaces. It will feature a further 450 residential units, a 350-bed hotel, and a school. The planning conditions for the whole development stipulated that the energy centre had to be a single entity, located within phase one. We had to ensure the design could be delivered, while minimising costs for our client.

The single energy centre not only needed to service the entire development, but the client also had significant sustainability targets. The private apartments are all comfort-cooled using four-pipe fan coil units, while the high-efficiency boilers and CHP plant we specified deliver an impressive saving – an approximately 35% CO2 reduction
over Part L 2010.

Saving (space) for the future.

To achieve the delicate balance of efficiency and cost, we undertook preliminary calculations for both the whole development and then produced detailed figures for Phase 1. In our role specifying and scheduling the Phase 1 plant, we had to consider the space needed for the remaining plant. The design we developed for this centralised energy centre followed a modular approach that would allow additions to be made easily and quickly. It also meant our client only had to pay for the Phase 1 plant required – a significant saving, as it only contributed around 25% to the total site load.

Phase 2.

The Phase 2 development of North Wharf Gardens is the biggest section of the project – featuring four towers with three infill buildings, hotel, and school.

Our expertise was needed for this second phase to ensure it would successfully interface and connect with the centralised energy centre in Phase 1. This has involved discussions and negotiations with the Phase 1 owners to agree on the practicalities and connection method for the two sites.

Standing out from the crowd.

The surrounding area in Paddington has a number of residential developments – and our client wanted to set North Wharf Gardens apart. The challenge was to enable superior layouts, finishes, AV systems and facilities in the most cost-effective way. This meant working as closely as possible with team members to achieve the best possible design, all the while keeping to a strict budget.

We committed to many rounds of value engineering, trying to deliver the best quality product at the best price. The result? The agreed contract value with the contractor matched the cost plan from the quantity surveyor – making for a truly fantastic quality development.

Key Figures
1 Energy centre services the entire development
35% CO2 savings target