2019: 5 forces for good & 5 future breakthroughs.


Looking forward - looking back.

This year was all about laying the vital groundwork for big changes: targets, declarations, and initiatives… all dedicated to improving our industry for the better.  Next year, we’re determined to play our part in building on this.

Together, let’s turn 2020 into the year of focused action, unprecedented collaboration, and tangible results.

Looking back: 5 of our favourite forces for good in 2019.   


1. A world first in workplace sustainability and wellbeing.











2. Simon Reeve on community, connection and embracing curiosity.











3. A framework focused on reducing error and increasing value in our industry.

Get it right design










4. The Us at Our Best awards – celebrating Hoare Lea values in action.











5. The world’s first purpose-built centre for combatting rare diseases in children.

Looking forward: 5 future built-environment breakthroughs.


1. Achieving Net Zero Carbon in buildings.

Net 0

2. Reducing the performance gap and energy usage.


3. Delivering projects at pace – offsite construction as standard.

Modular Airport

4. Taking tangible action on the climate emergency.

climate emergency

5. Embedding the five factors of sustainable design across projects.


Our 2019 end-of-year film is also about reflection, take a look.