Climate emergency: our plan of action.


Climate emergency: our plan of action.

Last month, we signed a climate emergency declaration – becoming one of the very first signatories from the building services sector.

In recognition of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss as two of the most serious issues of our time, we declare that we are committing to strengthen our working practices to create building services engineering outcomes that have more positive impact on the world around us.

But this declaration needs to be backed by action.

Since making our declaration, we’ve developed five key steps that will allow us to start making tangible changes:

Sustainability action plan

Step 1 – prioritising actions

We have set out an immediate course of action in line with the 11 recommendations put forward in the UK Building Services Engineers declaration. These are 30 activities and changes we’ll be undertaking in the coming months; we’ve shared them with everyone in our firm, and will now start the next step of assigning responsibilities.

…and what about our clients?

We know that many of our clients, and other organisations such as local authorities, have made their own climate emergency declaration. But many of them need support in how to make real change. As Sustainability experts, we are perfectly positioned to help organisations carve out a clear route for their climate emergency plan of action.

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No one organisation can – or should – do this alone…