Data Centre, Mission Critical

These buildings need a true commitment to precise, proven and practical design. We know failure is not an option.

Director, Data Centre, Mission Critical

Data Centre, Mission Critical:
Security, resilience, performance.

Data centre and mission-critical infrastructure is the backbone of business, often impacting daily life itself… We never lose sight of how important designing resilient, efficient, high-performing solutions is to your project’s success.

Our experience covers everything in the Data Centre & Mission Critical sector – from complex live plant upgrades, close control, data halls, financial-sector trading floor environments, critical engineering, and due diligence reviews of existing facilities.

We are specialists committed to achieving the absolute best value for money: delivering your project at the lowest whole-life cost with the highest quality, performance and resilience.

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Sustaining a 50-year lifespan.

The key challenge of the project was to provide an effective and stimulating workplace in a high-security campus setting, while accommodating the site constraints such as underground services.

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