Streatham Hill.

London, UK

Richard Evans, Partner at Hoare Lea

Project Lead:
Richard Evans

Expert analysis for maximised space.

Located within the former Megabowl and Caesar’s Nightclub building, Streatham Hill will be a merging of modern with the personality of its past.

The project involves retaining the site’s historic façade and creating a brand new mixed-use development that provides 243 new homes with retail, community and theatre spaces, and children’s play area.

Unusual access.

The high-quality residential units surrounded a communal garden area, which meant that some of the cores were accessed from the gardens instead of directly from ground level. This unusual design consists of seven cores A-G; although served via a common energy centre each core is essentially a separate building of 30-50 apartments. All areas were to be served by central mechanical and electrical plant located at basement level.

Space saving.

Our Fire Engineering team played a key part on the project, helping to justify access to the apartments via the communal garden. By allowing the access and egress from the cores into the communal garden, the ground-floor street frontage adjacent to these cores could be used for retail. This freed up an approximate area of 60 square metres of retail space that would otherwise have been used for a stair core escape route, and allowed the whole retail frontage to be used by the retailer.

Key Figures
1 Mixed-use London development
243 New homes
60 Square metres of retail space saved