Mark Wilkinson, Partner at Hoare Lea

Project Lead:
Mark Wilkinson

Realising an ambitious architectural vision.

The Riverwalk luxury development takes its inspiration from the undulating river Thames that it overlooks. It comprises 116 apartments in one seven-storey and another seventeen-storey tower. Linked at ground level with a basement carpark, these buildings also include riverfront retail spaces.

The name’s walk… Riverwalk.

Our client acquired the building from Derwent London at the post-planning stage. The overarching key challenge was to maximise value for the scheme by increasing the sellable space along with improving
the availability of parking on the site.

Following our initial review of the scheme, we reworked the heating solution and under floor services. Our new designs enabled an increase in the apartment floor-to-ceiling heights and the creation of an additional pop-up at penthouse level.

Generous glazing.

We worked closely with the architect and interior design team to ensure the engineering services could be delivered for the luxury residential development, while staying true to the vision of large open-plan living spaces.

We also helped the architect realise an ambitious vision for the exterior of the development. The challenge was to deliver a high-quality curved façade with generous glazing – while still achieving the energy efficiency and acoustic performance targets.

Key Figures
2 towers: one seven-storey and another seventeen-storeys
116 Luxury apartments
007 Site used to film the 2015 James Bond film; Spectre