22 Hanover Square.

Mayfair, London, UK

Andrew Peggram, Partner at Hoare Lea

Project Lead:
Andrew Peggram

Hidden intricacy in historic grandeur.

Take Mayfair’s oldest square, develop 79 super-prime residences, and throw in a five-star hotel located on-site… 22 Hanover Square is the ultimate in London luxury.

As one of the tallest buildings in the area, the development showcases prime views of Mayfair and the iconic London skyline. The hotel is an intimate boutique offering with 50 guest rooms and suites offers, fine-dining restaurant, and private roof terrace and bar.

 Within the walls.

Our approach to adding value in every way possible was utilising all available space in the simplest way. Typically, the equipment for services are housed within the ceiling void, borrowing space from the room itself. Instead, we routed intake and exhaust ventilation ducts within the walls themselves, and specified side wall sprinklers in all living spaces and bedrooms for each apartment.

 All about the base.

In collaboration with RSHP, we worked with the building’s unique form and shape to maximise roof space. We contained as much MEP plant as we could within the building’s basement levels, leaving the roof plant for strictly essentials-only: dry air coolers, kitchen extract fans, smoke extract fans and satellite dishes. We even gave it a footprint smaller than the overall building’s so the plant was ‘hidden’ from view from below.

Taking care to route ventilation into the basement through the building’s natural openings meant we could retain the core architectural design. These space-enhancing solutions are the hidden vessels of the building: a way of enabling function without compromising historic grandeur.

Key Figures
80 Super-prime residences
12 Storey building
5-star Hotel development in London's historic Hanover Square