The Hut Group, Airport City

Manchester, UK

Tech-led e-commerce lands at the airport.

The Hut Group (THG) has sustained a phenomenal growth since its foundation in 2004. As a young, vibrant and talented organisation, THG set us a brief to create an environment where employees can exercise, relax and be themselves to maximise efficiency, productivity and business outcomes.

Collaborative working.

In order to develop something that defies convention whilst delivering excellence, the client challenged all members of the design team to work collaboratively and drive the project as one to arrive at effective outcomes. Through working closely with THG and its executive architect, we are creating a building that will be the coolest, healthiest, smartest and most enticing place to work.

Holistic design.

The client’s vision was for clear soffits alongside a flexible layout. Added to this, was the need for high occupancy in some areas. In response we developed a solution through working closely with the executive architect to map daylight and maximise the availability of light for the interior. We paired this with our sustainability strategy to fit with the business ethos of THG.

Key Figures
16.8 acre site
£45 million