Stockwell Street Building.

University of Greenwich, London, UK

Clive Williamson, Partner at Hoare Lea

Project Lead:
Clive Williamson

Combining artistry with function.

The Stockwell Street Building provides a modern inspiring environment for the University of Greenwich’s relocated School of Architecture and Construction and the new Department of Creative Professions and Digital Arts. This new addition to the university’s existing complex is home to the campus library and university-wide facilities, such as lecture theatres, seminar rooms, and multiple creative studios, all arranged to accommodate innovations in digital workflows and to replicate professional studio experiences.

In the spotlight.

The architectural design by Heneghan Peng thrust our – often unseen – work into view within the space. The building is seemingly sliced open in segments, combining an abundance of exposed services that act almost as a functioning example of building design that the students can enjoy. We focused on high standards of environmental sustainability through a commitment to passive design, energy efficiency, water conservation, provision of green roofs, and the use of low- and zero-carbon and renewable technologies.

Rooms of requirement.

But perhaps the most interesting challenge was in the diversity of spaces and environments that the building services had to cater for. Room usages ranged from sound and TV studios with strict acoustic requirements, to high-occupancy exhibition and lecture spaces, high density IT studios, and a specialist model workshop with dedicated ventilation. Each of these environments required a unique engineering solution. The success of the project lay in our innovative ability to weave complex requirements into the rigorous yet bold architectural brief.

Key Figures
2,100 Data points through the building
2011 Site was home to archaeological dig
17,000m² Of new building