Lynx Wildcat Training Facility.

Yeovilton, Somerset, UK

Jerry Barnes, Partner at Hoare Lea

Project Lead:
Jerry Barnes

Combating complexity.

The latest generation of the multi-role helicopter is known as the Lynx Wildcat. The Lynx Wildcat Maritime Force in Yeovilton, Somerset, is responsible for these helicopters.

For this project, we were tasked with ensuring its purpose-built training facility was – in its own way – as technically innovative as the Lynx Wildcat helicopters themselves. The client required accommodation for several complex and technically challenging flight simulators – all housed within a highly functional but affordable building.

All systems go.

The building comprised of: changing facilities, eight classrooms, two crew rooms, three instructor offices, eight admin support offices, briefing rooms, conference facilities, workshops, stores, flight control room, and simulator observation room. To support these facilities, four computer server rooms with UPS backup were also provided; all of which are air-conditioned via local room units and a central supply-and-extract air system.


This complex brief demanded dedicated engagement with the client and the many specialist equipment manufacturers. The building needed to accommodate two motion simulators and one flight-deck simulator, which use remote hydraulic systems to replicate actual helicopter motion. It was imperative we challenged and determined the environmental, technical, and control requirements for the flight simulators and ensured they were integrated into our design proposals.

Through this close collaboration, we were able to design a solution that helped the development achieve a DREAM Excellent rating. Ultimately, we are proud to have been part of a project that provided a state-of-the-art facility for the next generation of battlefield utility, anti-surface warfare, and search and rescue helicopters.

Key Figures
Excellent DREAM Rating