Typhoon Hush House, RAF Coningsby.

Lincolnshire, UK

Andrew Bullmore, Partner at Hoare Lea

Project Lead:
Andrew Bullmore

Hushed tones.

RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire is the home of the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft.

We were appointed to provide our acoustic expertise for a purpose-built, soundproof enclosure – called a hush house. Hush houses enable engineers to check and test aircraft, by running the engines at full throttle in a controlled environment.

Neighbourly relations.

Aircraft engine noise levels are very high – up to 130dB(A) in the test halls – and, although the site’s neighbours sat several hundred metres away, the noise limits to protect the residents were understandably low and extremely difficult to achieve.

To craft a space that could bring the sound down to acceptable noise limits, we considered all designs carefully and held detailed discussions with the exhaust manufacturers Cullum Detuners Ltd, as well as the main contractor. This provided a practical, engaged approach to the project, and helped us design an installation that not only provided the required levels of sound insulation, but also came within the budget.

One and only.

We ensured the building was constructed using relatively standard lightweight elements, but installed in such a way that they provided the required noise reduction and sound absorption. In particular, the specification and installation of the main sliding doors was critical to achieving the required noise levels.

This was the first – and only – facility of its kind constructed in the UK, and we’re proud to have played our part in keeping both the client, contractor, and neighbours happy!

Key Figures
1st Typhoon Hush House in the UK
24/7 aircraft engine testing, complying with external noise limits
130dB(A) Noise level mitigation