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Our People: Andy Day.


Solving unique problems with innovative solutions.

Andy works in our Air Quality team conducting a variety of different assessments on projects across the country, helping to create cleaner air for all.

I joined Hoare Lea…

… in 2017 as an Air Quality graduate in Manchester. I am now a Senior Air Quality Consultant working out of our London office and I manage an array of projects across the UK.

I enjoy the variation of my work. We often get requests to conduct new assessments to solve unique problems and provide bespoke outputs. It is great to be continually learning and developing my skills, using the latest methods to solve problems.

The future of Air Quality…

…is exciting and positive. The importance of clean air is becoming well known, with tougher targets.

The new London Plan introduces the World Health Organisation guidelines for particulate matter. These targets are a lot more stringent than the previous air quality objectives for compliance, which is much needed.

The negative effects that poor air quality can have on human health and our environment is well known. I hope this move will encourage other cities and local authorities to follow suit. Air Quality needs to be taken seriously. New technology will make monitoring air quality easier as new and low-cost sensors will allow individuals to take an interest and measure their own air quality.

One of my most challenging projects…

…was Gilston V7 – the largest project I have worked on to date. It involved conducting an environmental impact assessment for an entire new village that created 2,500 homes. The sheer scale of the project provided many new challenges.

We modelled all of the main roads in and surrounding Harlow which included over 150 roads, and monitored the surrounding ecological sites (SSSI’s and SAC’s). This alone was 5-10 times larger than a typical project.

As well as the typical air quality assessment considering human impacts  we also needed to assess ecologically sensitive receptors.

With collaboration and innovative thinking, we completed the project successfully with a monumental sense of achievement and I will remember it fondly.

In my free time…

…I like to play and watch sport. Whether that is cricket, rugby, football – I love being involved.

I also enjoy travelling and there are several countries I want to visit. Closer to home, I like trying London’s unique bars and restaurants; there’s a never-ending list!