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Our People: Emily Sullivan.


Creating clean and safe air in and around our cities.

Emily Sullivan is an a Senior Air Quality Consultant. She supports projects across the UK, ensuring safe and clean environments for users.

After graduating…

…from the University of York I joined the Environmental Research Group at King’s College London where I worked to develop the London Atmospheric Emissions Inventory.

In this position, I liaised closely with Transport for London and enjoyed supporting several schemes that were designed to help improve air quality across the capital. These included the Low Emission Zone and Congestion Charging Scheme as well as the modelling work behind Boris Johnson’s Air Quality Strategy.

I joined Hoare Lea in 2016…

…and since then have worked on air quality assessments for all varieties of development schemes. They range from small residential plots to larger scale regeneration projects.

Although pollutants still threaten our health and the environment…

…I am pleased to see air quality assessments transitioning from a simple service to an important requirement.

I’m currently working on…

… a number of projects in Birmingham. These come with many challenges as some areas of the city continuously exceed the health-based objectives for airborne pollutants.

We’ve been carrying out monitoring studies on multiple schemes, but this can be a slow process with three to six months of data required.

It’s becoming clear that getting monitoring studies established early is key for the success in some inner-city developments.

I’m really enjoying overcoming issues like these and finding solutions that can make a real impact.

During lockdown I have…

…started running again. It has been lovely to get out into the countryside on my own. As I am mum to three small children, the peace and quiet is a real treat!