A retail revolution is taking place that we're proud to be part of. The shopping environment itself has become a destination.

Director, Retail

Phil Grew, Partner at Hoare Lea

Sector Lead:
Phil Grew

Reigniting places through retail space.

Retail projects now have customer experience at their centre. Our solutions deliver inspirational, comfortable spaces that drive people to step away from screens and venture out of homes – even in today’s digital age.

As a collaborative partner, we work with stakeholders, developers, owners, retailers and operators, understanding the market and individual needs in-depth. Our creative, pragmatic approach to every brief often sets new standards in innovation, and delivering award-winning, sustainable retail environments that drive consumer engagement.

Featured Project Story

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A retail landmark. A city centre revived.

By breathing life into the project via the first fully covered, open streetscape of its kind, we were helping to create a new landmark in urban regeneration.

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