Victoria Square

Woking, UK

Phil Grew, Partner at Hoare Lea

Project Lead:
Phil Grew

Reimagining a town centre.

This project saw the rebirth of Woking and is an exciting fresh start for the town. This build demonstrates the value of being led and driven by the local authority and incorporates a M&S flagship store, buy-to-rent residential units with a 4 star hotel. The work conducted aims to create one of the largest urban transformation projects ever undertaken in the region.

Paving new paths.

Our client wanted to create a vibrant retail hub that encourages residents to use the town centre. We achieved this by creating a new covered square and an integrated retail circuit allowing for a pleasant shopping experience. The extension required a challenging relocation of an existing road, (which included a major bus interchange) but we found quick solutions to this.

Securing a future space.

As a response to the growing population, Woking Council identified that the town centre needed bringing forward to the 21st century. With constraints on availability and lofty sustainability targets, we set out to develop an energy strategy that could help serve Woking. effectively. This development had an ambitious goal to expand and regenerate the current space to make it a better environment for future residents and our expertise has made this possible.

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Key Figures
200 bed hotel
34 storeys
400+ residential units