In both function and form, the courts must represent one of the fundamental principles of our society – the 'Majesty of the Law'.

Director, Courts

Ian Cowley, Partner at Hoare Lea

Sector Lead:
Ian Cowley

Buildings that maintain order.

Successful design solutions create the optimum environment for the huge variety of court users: the public, judiciary, magistrates, defendants, jury, legal counsel, police, custody services, office support, press, and facilities managers.

With a proven track record across refurbishment, remodelling, extension and new build, we fully understand the practical application of design solutions for Crown, Magistrate and County Courts – and the complex planning considerations associated with each. Our schemes are often award winning, setting new standards for the sector in aesthetics, energy consumption, fire safety, systems integration and acoustic performance.

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Double the challenge.

The Chelmsford & Colchester Magistrates Courts service the city of Chelmsford, market town of Colchester, and the wider community through two locations.

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