Manchester Crown Court.

United Kingdom

Mark Hagger, Partner at Hoare Lea

Project Lead:
Mark Hagger

A model refurbishment.

The Manchester Crown Court refurbishment project aimed to provide an updated modern facility for Manchester city centre through the refurbishment of outdated and fallow areas.

We provided our expertise as part of the technical advisor team delivering Stage E design, along with construction monitoring duties for the remodel. The works to the ground and first floor accommodate three new Magistrates Courts, three new Crown Courts, Judiciary and Jury Space, and a new DDA-compliant custody link located in the basement.

Proactive approach.

Our Acoustics team developed an acoustic strategy for the refurbishment of the building. The solutions took account of the acoustic performance of the retained wall and floor constructions, and the flanking noise along the existing curtain walling system and windows. During construction, the team advised the contractor on how to identify and rectify any potential issues that would lead the construction to be non-compliant with S28 design criteria.

Commitment on site.

A truly successful aspect of the project was the smooth construction period that we provided monitoring support for. The working courts were occupied throughout the construction period and – thanks to detailed, robust design and attention to detail on site – the project was successfully completed without loss of a single hour of court operation.

Key Figures
S28 Acoustic design criteria achieved