Victoria Gate.

Leeds, UK

Phil Grew, Partner at Hoare Lea

Project Lead:
Phil Grew

Contemporary shopping, classical heritage.

An ornamental roof, curved shopfronts, and glazed brick design are the stylish features of brand new Victoria Gate, which features 32 retail and restaurant units, a connected standalone John Lewis store, super casino, and a brand new 800-space carpark.

Year-round climate control.

Our key challenge was to deliver a high-quality, interior retail environment that required no heating or cooling installations, but could be occupied year-round. The space also needed to be able to ventilate naturally should a fire occur. Using extensive environmental modelling, we demonstrated that the internal environment would be usable in all weather conditions. This gave early confidence to both the development and lettings team at Hammerson that the scheme was viable.

Further smoke modelling refined the scale of the actuating roof vents to the smallest possible area, allowing seamless integration within the architectural canopy. Along with our careful glazing specification, the operation of roof lights and management of door openings resulted in a truly low-energy space.

Contributing continuity.

Consistently and coherently articulating the results of our complex modelling work kept decision-making on track. We delivered continuity of knowledge throughout the project, from design and construction to soft-landings handover. As an integral part of Hammerson’s delivery team, we operated proactively throughout and added real value for both client and contractor. We also enabled future sustainability measures to support the client’s aspirations for a greener building portfolio. The result is a supreme shopping destination for the city of Leeds.

Key Figures
32 Retail and restaurant units
800 Space carpark