Gatwick Airport North Terminal.

London, UK

Clive Williamson, Partner at Hoare Lea

Project Lead:
Clive Williamson

A better functioning airport for all.

The Gatwick North Terminal land-side redevelopment programme was a large-scale project focused on improving operations and passenger experience. It involved extending the terminal to include a new passenger orientation zone (with a unique ETFE canopy) and check-in facilities, the replacement of the light railway system, construction of a new 1,000 space multi-storey car park, and the relocation of passenger pick-up and drop-off zones to accord with the latest security regulations.

Customer experience.

Importantly, throughout the project, the North Terminal had to remain ‘live’ and we needed to minimise disruption to the passenger experience. We specified dedicated plant areas for the extension, so that the engineering systems serving the existing passenger areas were not disrupted by the works. Added to this, we introduced electrical engineering infrastructure to serve the new sections of the terminal, freeing up spare capacity in other areas.

Sky-high solutions.

This project ran in parallel with other schemes and we were able to use our experience gained across this piece of work to the benefit of all. The extension also offered an opportunity to upgrade the engineering infrastructure and resilience at the airport. We designed service walkways above ceilings in all passenger areas to allow 24/7 maintenance access to the engineering systems – all without impacting the live areas below. The result is an efficient and comfortable extension, with spacious front-of-house areas, good wayfinding for passengers to easily orientate themselves, and a warm welcoming environment.

Key Figures
40M Passengers a year accommodated by 2020
3 Acre extension
24/7 Maintenance access to the engineering systems