B&Q Distribution Warehouse.

United Kingdom

Complex automation control.

B&Q sells more than 40,000 different products sourced from all over the world – with almost all coming via one of the company’s distribution centres. The brand new Worksop distribution centre is one of two in the UK, creating a northern base that helps to reduce the company’s distribution mileage.

Diverse operations.

This large-scale development (900,000 square foot) was built on an 87-acre site. Included within the project plan was 50,000 square foot of office accommodation, a recycling unit, vehicle wash, fuelling island, LPG compound and a potential to house a vehicle maintenance unit.

It also features a 210,000 square foot high-bay fully-automated sortation system, which operates unmanned. Added to this, the 600,000 square foot low bay is highly mechanised with complex automation control.

Efficient solutions.

Our expertise in Acoustics and Fire Engineering added value to the project, as we offered the best service solutions, providing specialist advice and detailed Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling. We carried this out as part of a solution review for extended travel distances and smoke control, to optimise efficient control of services.