Bath Quays

Somerset, UK

Innovative regeneration.

Bath Quays is a flagship regeneration project designed to create a new and vibrant commercial quarter for the flourishing businesses in Bath City Riverside Enterprise Zone. The development aims to generate higher wage jobs and provide more opportunities for all of Bath’s residents.

A thoughtful process.

Several different variants of the scheme required careful consideration prior to kickstarting this development. These included assessing the noise and light emissions during and after the build. To combat the identified problems, we assessed noise impacts by carefully measuring levels at key locations on the site, this allowed us to identify different sources present and isolate them. Our lighting experts ensured the river was protected from light at night through intelligent design and positioning of fittings to ensure bats were not disrupted.

An open dialogue.

The most significant aspect of this project was the in-depth communication that we maintained throughout the process. Promoting an open dialogue up front meant that we could reduce the chance of the planning application being rejected or requiring revisions as we had all the information needed to carry out a comprehensive consultation. The scheme achieved planning approval in April 2017 and is the most significant development in Central Bath for decades.

Key Figures
Grade II Listed Newark Works building
320 Public spaces