6 Pancras Square.

London, UK

Saul Tyler, Partner at Hoare Lea

Project Lead:
Saul Tyler

An iconic addition.

The impressive 6 St Pancras Square is a significant addition to London’s workplace offering. An instantly recognisable building, it’s immediately adjacent to St Pancras International railway station.

Space in the city.

In keeping with the rest of the Pancras Square development, the building was subject to planning restrictions limiting its height. As such, it’s a stepped structure that rises from south to north. With two outdoor terraces affording views over the City of London, it has inspiring breakout areas and functional space, such as large rooftop function room. The remainder of this uppermost level is given over to a plant deck, which is shielded by a three-metre-high steel mesh fence.

Flexible function.

One of the challenges came from that fact that the building gets its stability from two extremely slim cores in order to maximise space. We also had to design to enable the large, clear-span floor plates that sit around a central atrium with scenic lifts. This provides a high degree of flexibility for tenant fit out – for instance trading floors can be accommodated – as well as multiple configurations for the entrances and core to serve multiple occupiers.

The Pancras Square development sits in the wider King’s Cross area, which is undergoing significant redevelopment providing new homes, shops, offices, galleries, bars, restaurants, schools, and a university. The 6 St Pancras Square building connects to the King’s Cross district heating network, which is fed from the central energy centre where power generated by the CHP plant supplements supplies from the National Grid. This connection below ground is reflected above – the building is at the heart of the area’s transformation.

Key Figures
2 Terraces
49,000m² Office