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191 Bay.

Toronto, Canada

Mixed Use

The new peak of Toronto’s skyline.

Matthew Warner, Partner at Hoare Lea

Project Lead:
Matthew Warner

A digital giant.
Adaption ready.

Challenge accepted.

191 Bay is a complete transformation of a historic Canadian landmark. In the centre of the financial district, the 67-storey complex is the newest addition to Commerce Court, comprised of two fully refurbished towers and the brand new 191 Bay. Alongside the original two towers, 191 Bay will host intelligent office, retail and dining space. One of the tallest, and most digitally enabled buildings in Canada, we are working with QuadReal to bring this development to life.

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From environmental sensing, maintenance scheduling to in-depth user contextual awareness and powerful occupant control capability, building intelligence adds significant long term value to the property.
Stephen Wreford, Project Director

Users first.

The development cohesively blends multi-tenant workplace with retail, meaning users will have different experience requirements. To ensure each type of user is accommodated for and their needs met, we needed to understand and identify the desire and pain points. By working closely with stakeholder teams, we were able to establish the drivers and objectives for the project and develop specific use cases.

Forwarding thinking.

With technology ever changing, the space must be both flexible and adaptable. To make this a reality, we are taking steps to foresee behaviour and anticipate upcoming trends. We have applied a data strategy and standardised metadata, which will enable all the building systems to ‘speak the same language’. With our support, the design of 191 Bay has full digital integration flexibility and can continue to host new technology as future innovation flourishes.
Technical Impact

Smart sensing.

Floor sensors will be embedded within the environment to accurately count and analyse whether people are coming or going, and their time spent in the different areas. By utilising this data, we can cultivate insights to equip our client with the ability to make real-time decisions. This will help operators and management understand the building’s usage, people flow and preferences. As a result, future adaptability will be easy as both the building’s operation and layout can be adjusted to better suit the needs of visitors.
Human Impact

Modern working

191 Bay is a leading example of workplace modernisation. Not only adding 1.8 million ft² of office space to the city, it is also supporting thousands of workers and strengthening the employment base. The finished tower and new workplace will give its users a flexible, state-of-the-art, environment that provides them with everything they need to do their job better, faster and more intelligently.
By utilising building intelligence, the users of 191 Bay will be more connected to their environment and able to take advantage of its newfound flexibility.
Key Figures
1.85m Square foot
64 Storeys
299 Metres high

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191 Bay will deliver a unique experience to all of its users by applying a user-centric design approach and cutting-edge building intelligence integration techniques.
Tasos Torounidis, Project Manager
Matthew Warner, Partner at Hoare Lea

Project Lead:
Matthew Warner

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