Our people

Sara Quaglieni

Director of Operations

A key part of my role is ensuring that our firmwide strategy is translated into actionable goals for change, business performance, and growth – in ways that move us closer to our North Star.

I’m responsible for overseeing the optimisation of the operational management and performance of the business, as well as improving our day-to-day processes.

Importantly, in my role as Operations lead, I also represent our Corporate Responsibility steering group within the Executive Team, making sure we think about our wider impact in absolutely everything we do.

In my role within the Executive Team, I’m currently focusing on…

With the launch of our new business-wide strategy, I am working with our Business Service Leads to identify and prioritise what we need to do to deliver it, and to ensure we organise ourselves to bring about real change. We have identified some short-term priorities to get us going for the next six months. At the same time, we are starting to map out the next 18 months, building strategic plans and budgets for the next financial year.

For me, being a leader at Hoare Lea means…

…being open to the many possibilities that it brings. Firstly, we all have such a unique chance to make an impact on the spaces and places people use and how they respond to the climate emergency. Secondly, being the newest member of the Executive Team means I sometimes see situations a bit differently to my colleagues – something that is both valuable and valued. Generally, I believe the best work is done by the most diverse group of people who can truly collaborate.