Podcast: Women & workplace leadership in 2022.


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In episode 21…

…We hear from Vanessa Murray, who founded Mentoring Circle to address the gender diversity gap at the property industry’s senior leadership level – by partnering newly qualified female professionals with top female leaders. The organisation welcomes its second intake on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2022.

…Diversity is not just about fairness or making numbers work, it’s about better outcomes…

While progress is being made in terms of entry and board-level diversity, mid-level talent retention can often suffer a cliff-drop, with many women hesitant to take promotions before they have ticked every box they believe they need. Mentoring Circle aims to level the playing field and prevent industry disenchantment.

…Even if we stop 20% of that attrition from the industry we’re giving ourselves a better chance of being able to have future boards where they are a true meritocracy, choosing from a very balanced pool…

Vanessa discusses with Hoare Lea Directors Jo Edwards and Sara Quaglieni their experience of mentoring for the scheme, as well as getting comfortable with not knowing all the answers, and articulating ambitions out loud. Together they talk confidence, reverse mentoring and the importance of symbiotic learning through the next generation, and how we reconcile positive discrimination with a robust meritocracy.