Us at our best: the 2022 awards.


Celebrating our people.

Following the success of 2021, our annual awards returned for 2022.

The awards are all about our firm’s values and give us a much-needed chance to celebrate those who live them, day in, day out. This year we added two new categories, to reflect our North Star guiding purpose and recognise our firm’s rising stars.

The awards were hosted live by our Managing Director, Justin Spencer, and special guest Rob Wolfe, from CHY Consultancy. Rob is an expert on social value and featured in issue 3 of our Exploare magazine.

The awards showcase how our firm is filled with incredible people. We were delighted to receive so many nominations, with touching and inspiring stories to go alongside.

Please join us in congratulating the winners.

Personal commitment:
The award for the individual who has gone above and beyond.

This award is all about people who demonstrate a proactive, energetic approach to all that they do. Never satisfied with just doing enough, these people are always wanting to exceed expectations. It’s not about who’s brought in the most business, worked the longest hours, or who’s the most technically excellent. It’s about consistently doing your best.

Winner: Louie Scottodiperta

Creative diligence: The award for the best lightbulb moment.

This award recognises those who have come up with an exciting, innovative idea or different way of working. They may have developed a new tool or found a solution that unlocked a challenge or solved a problem.

Winner: Mark Jiggins (Gunfire Noise Analysis Tool)

Pride in performance: The people’s champion award.

This award is about those people who enable others to flourish and provide the support and attitude that’s integral to a positive working culture. They are always looking for ways to acknowledge and motivate others. They are the glue that binds people and teams together.

Winner: Nick Lawrence

North Star superstar: The award for doing the right thing.

This award celebrates those who, through their actions, embody our North Star guiding purpose: to be human-centric and planet-conscious. Those who have gone outside of their comfort zone to do what they believe is right, overcoming scepticism or adversity that helps the firm stay true to its purpose.

Winner: Michelle Wang

Rising star: The award for emerging talent.

This award is celebrates the achievements of our emerging talent, who are a shining light both in the firm and in their profession. People who are within the early stages of their professional career with us, who demonstrate our values in all that they do, take ownership of their development and seek opportunities to be the best they can be.

Winner: Mel Rogers

Courageous collaboration: The team award for overcoming adversity.

This award is for a team of our people who have come together to tackle a challenge and succeeded. They have recognised that by working together they can achieve a better solution.

The Culture Project focus group – Bournemouth

A huge congratulations to the winners, as well as everyone who was nominated in this year’s awards. Roll on 2023!