The next level of Lighting Design.


Our LightSIM Controls App© & Mymesh collaboration.

In 2019 we launched our LightSIM Controls App©, an intuitive, visual platform that brings lighting designs to life for clients and stakeholders.

Since then, our in-house built app has supported a range of projects, removing the pain points of coordinating the lighting design intent with the commissioning process to give the result the client imagines and expects.

Now we’ve taken the next step, working with smart lighting company Chess UK, to be able offer seamless integration of lighting design into a live environment. At the push of a button a new lighting design can uploaded into a space.

Chess UK’s Mymesh provides a secure, reliable, and scalable light management system.

Once a ‘scene’ has been created in our LightSIM’s virtual environment, it can be sent via a web-based Cloud connection and then directly implemented into the Mymesh-enabled light fittings physically installed in the space.

Having our LightSIM Controls App© integrated with Mymesh makes for some major benefits over traditional commissioning:

Buys time
Lighting scenes may be created, picked and chosen ahead of time and saving time in building commissioning process.

Reduces risk
Using vivid and accurate visual representations of lighting scenes before applying to the physical control system, allows you to get things right first time on site.

Gives choice
The intuitive user-friendly interface allows more impactful, client-centric, scenes to be created before a wire has even been run.

Helps protect the planet without reducing creativity
Energy usage for differently lit impressions can be measured, compared and visualised for each scene possibility, allowing an informed choice.

Reduces costs
Removes the need for repeat lighting commissioning visits later, but also gives predictive maintenance through remote monitoring, remote control of scene change requests and a reduction in disruption once the space is in use.

Increases life flexibility
The secure, cloud-based service allows data to be used across

Check out the Mymesh website to find out more…