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Our People: Paul Burrows.


Leading long-term sustainable growth in the Arc.

Paul joined us in 2011 and is now a Senior Associate. Since 2020, he has been part of the Arc team, which is leading our work in this exciting new ‘region of innovation’.

From a young age…

…I was interested in how things worked and found great satisfaction in taking things apart, understanding how they worked and rebuilding them. My father was also a builder and I used to help him on site… you could say my heart was always in construction!

It was a natural choice for me to study Electronic and Electrical Engineering at University and I love the range of responsibilities I now have at Hoare Lea.

I can jump from mentoring a graduate to having a meeting with a CEO. I don’t think there are many jobs that have such an incredible breadth…

I have worked on…

…a number of interesting and noteworthy projects, including the University of Greenwich Stockwell Street Campus that was a finalist for the Stirling Prize.

I’m excited to be part of the Arc team…

…because it’s a region that will bolster the UK economy, creating jobs and careers for future generations. I’m proud to be part of this, helping the UK to continue its lead in science, research and automotive sectors, among others.

I am looking forward to helping to guide and steer the Arc community, to change the way clients think and build.

The future of the construction industry and the Arc is…

…in incorporating a zero-carbon approach as the norm. For the Arc, better public transport links will subsequentially allow the growth and development towns that have a zero carbon, or even a carbon negative, future in mind.

It’s going to be great to work with market-leading clients who have the appetite to go beyond legislation. Together we can create environments that are zero carbon and user focussed.

The innovative zero carbon approach we use now will become the norm; renewable energy will be the only energy source available.

In my spare time…

…I enjoy cooking, running, and DIY. Occasionally I play guitar (obviously rock star guitarist was my first career choice. Unfortunately a record deal still seems a long way off!)