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Our People: Claire Bosworth.


Maximising success by minimising threats.

When I first started at Hoare Lea…

…I was a PA and Office Manager. I worked with the partner responsible for the governance of the firm and it was here I learnt the ropes in insurance and risk,

My career change wasn’t entirely intentional…

…In 2015, I picked up coordinating the firm’s insurances due to internal structural changes.

After I returned from maternity leave in 2017, Hoare Lea funded my studies in Risk Management. Ever since then, my career has grown and developed to where I am now.

I’m really proud of my progression. Last year I achieved a Post Graduate Diploma in Enterprise Risk Management and I’ve recently achieved my Certified Membership to the Institute of Risk Management.

As a Risk Manager…

…. I look at the indirect opportunities that we have to improve. I get under the skin of our processes and procedures to find our risks and then present this profile accurately to our insurers.

The importance of how we present ourselves to our insurers has grown in significance over the past few years because of the professional indemnity market conditions.

Creativity & problem solving is second nature at Hoare Lea. Our risk management approach mustn’t stifle this.

It’s really important to me that everyone, no matter what role they have, understand they have a part to play in managing our risk. Knowledge and understanding in this area is vital for our continued success in bids and work winning.

I want to break down…

…the perception that Risk Management is sometimes obstructive…

…assessing risk can help make sensible decisions that protect the firm, allowing our people and projects to thrive.

The events of the past year…

…have really highlighted the value of having resilient measures in place that can respond to the unexpected. I could have never imagined a pandemic being something my job role would revolve around for so long!

During the past 12 months…

…my role has been different than ever before, but this variation is one of the reasons I love my job.

I’m part of the COVID-19 response team, our ‘return to office working’ practices group (which focuses on the long-term changes and the future of office working), and I’ve recently taken on the role of Health, Safety & Environmental Lead too. I’m really looking forward to helping drive our corporate responsibility objectives forward over the next 12 months.

I’m also involved in the International Working Group that brings teams together from across the firm to assess exciting new opportunities around the globe.

In my spare time…

…I have a 4-year-old daughter who keeps me on my toes!

I am also a trustee for a charity in Gloucestershire: Footsteps Counselling & Care that provides support to those affected by fertility or pregnancy issues, traumatic birth or baby loss. I’m really enjoying being part of a team and I have been able to apply my knowledge in risk management & governance. It’s been positive to be part of something that has such a huge impact to people’s lives locally.