Supporting TfL’s sustainable ambitions.


Transport for London has achieved a 5-star GRESB rating.

We have supported Transport for London’s recent entry to GRESB – a leading environmental, social and governance benchmark for real estate and infrastructure.

Following a rigorous review, TfL has since been awarded a GRESB 5-star rating, recognising that it is a national leader in sustainability. TfL received an overall score of 93 out of 100.

This was the first time that TfL had participated in the benchmarking assessment…

…the result is a clear indication of TFL’s passion and commitment to sustainability.

We contributed to the creation of TfL’s Sustainable Development Framework that will help deliver best-in-class outcomes across three core sustainability objectives:

  • Supporting local prosperity
  • Promoting vibrant and diverse communities
  • Creating healthy places for people and planet

Launching in 2021, this framework combines an ambitious vision with hard metrics, stretching targets, and clear guidance to deliver industry leading results.

Derek Wilson, Head of Sustainability, TfL Commercial Development, said:

We are thrilled to have received this outstanding GRESB result. It is a testament to the whole team’s commitment to put sustainability at the heart of our development programme, making sure that we drive real positive changes for local communities, tenants and residents through our developments.