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Design, Unleashed: workplaces.


Catch up on our latest webinar series.

‘Design, unleashed’ is our online event series dedicated to future-gazing and tackling timely questions.

 This month, we looked at ‘the brave new world of workplaces.’

Workplaces are being redefined, and the acceleration from what they were to their new role is already underway.

But while the events of 2020 have changed the way we will interact with these spaces, they still play a pivotal role in business.

With our expert presenters and handpicked guest, we took a closer at how we can rethink and redesign what’s possible.

Watch the talks below.

Human-centred design – all or nothing.

Michelle Wang & Stephen Wreford.
Download the presentation.

Net Zero Carbon workplaces – how to make it happen.

Cath MacPherson & Ashley Bateson.
Download the presentation.

Future workplace – acceleration, not transformation.

Frances Brown, Tim Rathbone & Thomas Bone