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Design, unleashed: the Healthy Home.


Missed our online event? Catch up now.

’Design, unleashed’ is all about bringing together our experts and guests working at the forefront of their field in the built environment. Future-gazing is important, but so too is tackling the timely questions of the moment. By doing so? We unleash the power of design and create tangible change today.

Our first programme of online ‘Design, unleashed’ events was The healthy home: a building that breathes for body, brain and business, hosted by Partner Mark Wilkinson.

Recent events have made us value our environments more, but have also identified potential flaws. Together, we asked…

What can we do to ensure homes have a positive impact on the mind, body and soul?

With the help of our industry experts, we explored the design approaches and solutions that can  improve users’ productivity, health and wellbeing.

Watch all our talks below.

Indoor quality: it’s all in the air.
Chris Rush / Kathryn Woolley

Calm and quiet: supporting mental wellbeing.
Andrew Bullmore / Barry Jobling

Light: daylight, electric light and a sound night’s sleep.
Jonathan Rush / Ruth Kelly Waskett

Intelligent homes: connection and communication.
Magnus Leask

Architects’ holistic view: the new future of designing healthy homes.
John Badman – CallisonRTKL