UOB School of Management.

Bath, UK

University Challenge.

The University of Bath wanted to host its exemplary School of Management offering a single gateway campus building.

We have worked with the University for over 12 years and delivered a number of their most recent buildings.  Over this period we have gained a great understanding of their design requirements, which led to us being successfully appointed to this project.

Providing an open and collaborative feel

UoB’s School of Management team were spread across a number of different buildings on campus. The new building provides all their accommodation needs under a single roof.

To provide an open and collaborative feel all areas of the building connect back to a central atrium and pavilion area. Our MEP and sustainability teams worked closely to provide highly efficient ventilation systems to recover heat and provide effective ventilation to the deep plan areas.

Delivering an exemplar building

This is a landmark project for the University and one of the largest buildings to be constructed since the 1970s. We have been part of a truly collaborative team, working with our MEP & in-house specialists providing design input alongside Concept Architects Hopkins and AWW (Executive Architects).

Our use of holistic and low-energy design, whilst maintaining user comfort, has been demonstrated through the building achieving an as-built EPC A rating. This has provided the University with a low-carbon building that is also efficient to operate.

Key Figures
250 Seat auditorium