Our Project Story

Sir John Soane’s Museum

London, UK

Arts & Culture

Place and Progress exhibition.

Image credit – Dan Paton & Gareth Gardner. 

William Hogarth was an English painter who created a variety of detailed and much-loved art. The Place and Progress exhibition brought his work to life and we were asked to design a lighting installation that showcased  his complex views on morality, society and cities in all their glory.

Complementary systems.

Hogarth’s work was presented on wooden concertina displays, inspired by a previous exhibition in 1884. To highlight the narrative of each piece, we designed a spotlight system that shone an individual beam of delicately hand-placed light on to the frame. Unusually, these beams of light were shaped to matched the rectangular shape of the frame,  something not often done from such a short distance.

We illuminated other work through a variety of existing lighting systems. One included a glass enclosed plinth that featured an engraving by Hogarth, illuminated by neat, miniature spotlights.

Presenting a legacy.

Hogarth’s unique style is renowned, often referred to as “Hogarthian” and the exhibition at Sir John Soane’s Museum was the first time that the entirety of his work was presented in once place in recent years.

Through expert lighting design, we were able to bring each piece to life, drawing the attention of visitors, and encouraging them to escape in to the past.