Our people

Steve Timms


When you consider that my grandfather was a mechanical engineer and my father was a building services engineer – it’s perhaps not surprising the direction my career has taken. I started my career in building services in 1991 when I trained as a HVAC maintenance engineer, but eventually decided to follow a path in design and project management. Since joining Hoare Lea in 2007, I have specialised in the residential and mixed-use sector and have extensive experience in workplace, education and retail.

Engineering human experiences.

I am immensely proud of the number of projects that have helped to regenerate inner-city areas, which I’ve personally been involved with, providing neighbourhoods that people want to live in and visit.

A defining moment.

The biggest defining moment in my career so far was being invited to join the partnership at Hoare Lea. When I started my career on the tools as a maintenance engineer at the age of 16, I never thought that my career would one day have such a physical and human impact.

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