Our people

Carl Saxon


I have always been interested in science, technology and engineering – so building services seemed a great way to further pursue all of these interests. My academic training took a long eight years, but I benefit immensely from its practical nature to this day. I love that no two days are the same in my job and there is always interesting design, technical and commercial challenges to solve.

Biggest engineering challenge.

The most complex project I have been involved with so far was Conkers – a visitor attraction at the heart of the National Forest. The building has a hexagonal core with triangular wings, which made the design of the services systems (and routing them through the building) incredibly complicated. It took a close relationship and plenty of time with the project architect, but the result was a unique and sustainable building that had great interior performance.

A defining moment.

A real turning point in my career was the change in both building and local planning regulations to cut carbon and energy use in buildings. Our engineering role evolved, becoming more influential on the actual build design in order to accommodate engineering services systems… and giving us exciting opportunities to design passive features.