Supporting STEAM

Full STEAM ahead.

We want a world where Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) careers are inclusive to all, and thrive on the different ways of thinking that the Arts (A) can offer.

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How do we create curious minds?

Did you know? STEAM skills are key for critical thinking and innovation – something our planet and society need more than ever before!

It’s time for us all to stop putting people in boxes when it comes to STEM and Arts. How many of us have heard someone say: “I’m good at engineering so I’m not artistic”, or believe that if we have ‘soft skills’ we have nothing to offer the world of science and engineering? We believe that it’s time to #breakthebox…

Embracing STEAM will change the way we see STEM problems and create a new way of thinking that is engaging, multifaceted and inclusive, with diverse perspectives that reflect the world we live in.

Watch: a snapshot of what STEAM subjects can lead to

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Buildings built for a better future.

How does the idea of living no more than 20 minutes' sustainable travel time from where you go to school or college grab you?

What about a city that's built to accommodate floods, rather than trying to keep water away?

And how do you feel about having a hospital nestled in nature rather than on the side of a road?

These are just some of the ways the built environment might evolve for the better in the coming decades - and we need all kinds of people to be part of making it happen.

Our STEAM strategy

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Our STEAM strategy