Tetra Tech

The bigger picture.

In 2021 we joined Tetra Tech, a global provider of environmentally focussed consulting and engineering services, becoming part of its renowned Tetra Tech High Performance Buildings Group.

A new beginning.

While we proudly maintain the independent thinking and pioneering spirit we’re known for, as part of the High Performance Buildings Group we can pool expertise and resources, extend our reach, our access and our capabilities, and work with more great clients and organisations.

This group brings together the skills and proficiencies of talented engineers and energy analysts from around the world and serves sectors including science and research, higher education, healthcare, commercial, residential, retail, industrial, data centre and government. It provides a global platform for us to share our consulting and engineering know-how with clients in all sort of new geographies, from Melbourne, Australia, to Montreal, Canada.

The group shares not only our values and our sense of purpose and social responsibility, but our forward-thinking goals – placing sustainability at the core of construction, committing to climate-positive actions and putting people front and centre in design.

By joining Tetra Tech High Performance Buildings Group we will build upon our strong and successful history of delivering outstanding outcomes for our clients.
Justin Spencer, MD

It’s a match: a connection across the pond.

Tetra Tech’s credentials butt up brilliantly against our 160-year history of innovation; its projects consistently tracked by key metrics of habitat conservation, carbon avoidance or capture, water management, and renewable energy development.

The High Performance Buildings Group helps build robust communities; supporting, for instance, Bordeaux Métropole in France to develop a climate-resilient intelligent water system for integrated flood and pollution control. It has also helped to deliver the eco-friendly health facility High Desert Multi-Service Ambulatory Care Center and is engaged in an emergency COVID-19 renovation at the New York-Presbyterian Allen Hospital.

A decade into its sustainability programme, Tetra Tech has exceeded many of its goals, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its global operations by 78 percent. Its work aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by providing reliable water supplies and improving sanitation, increasing the adoption of renewable energy, designing more efficient buildings, and restoring and protecting land and water ecosystems.

The next chapter.

We have worked with leading developers and architects on some of the most iconic, intelligent and high-performing buildings going. We help create resilient structures that function conscientiously and will continue doing so in the future via energy-efficient technologies. For us, this new chapter with Tetra Tech – a company that truly complements our creative, solution-based offer as cutting-edge engineers and technical specialists – is about being part of something bigger to make a difference; an extension of our commitment to sustainable design and quality of life.