Watch: our Engineering Visualisation showreel.


Visual evolution.

Take a look at the incredible new showreel from our Engineering Visualisation (EV) team.

Engineering visualisation 2023 Showreel from Hoare Lea on Vimeo.

New examples from 2022/2023

Our EV team have been busy developing and implementing some impressive new visualisations that support project needs from bid to handover and beyond. This work elevates designs and displays them in a way that any user can understand.

New techniques the team is using include:

  • Use of fluid SIMS tools to create realistic behaving gases, smoke and fire.
  • Development of the inhouse skill to author 3D WebGL interactive visualisation web content.
  • Taking advantage of improving in-game engine and real-time rendering tech to make visualisations interactive.

Visualisations like these can demonstrate complex engineering strategies, designs, and options, as well as test equipment space requirements in an uncomplicated and accessible way. It’s a wonderful way we can bridge the language gap between engineers and non-engineers.