Rehabilitating the healthcare machine.


Exploring the power & potential of people-first design.

How can design impact wellbeing? Are we seeing a lasting shift towards human-centred design?

Lately our Healthcare team have been asking one very pertinent question: is healthcare design fit for purpose?

After discussions with some of the sector’s top thinkers, we have gathered their thoughts on the future and direction of human-centric design.

We need to move away from hospitals being built to ‘warehouse’ every element of healthcare under one roof. Specific needs should be addressed within tailored environments that support specific types of care

(Richard Darch, CEO, Archus)

Putting people first and making human-centric design a cornerstone of healthcare supports better outcomes for all, and post-pandemic, this has never been more plain to see.

Get patient experience and quality of care right, and people make quicker recoveries

(Stephanie Williamson, Co-Chair, Architects for Health)

You can read the full report here.

Illustrations by Andy Council