Air Quality: 3 pledges for people and planet


North Star aligned.

Our Air Quality Group has aligned its approach to our firm’s North Star.

The quality of the air we breathe impacts us all. So far, the driving force behind improving air quality has been for human health & wellbeing. However, increasingly the measures to bring about marked improvements in air quality come with a cost – be it energy / materials – all of which have a planet focused consideration.

Air quality increasingly involves taking account of its interaction with ecology and the wider natural environment. All of this comes with conflicting as well as complementary areas that need to be considered.

Our Air Quality group has created three pledges to begin their ambition to best bring about improved air quality and delivery of a truly clean air environment to all.

The pledges are to:

  1. Deliver air-quality designs that provide health & wellbeing benefits in a considered and holistic manner, while promoting the balance that exists with planet-conscious design.
  2. Optimise air quality for all by going beyond compliance measures and not confining the opportunity for better air quality to only certain projects.
  3. Integrate air quality across all stages and types of projects to influence the industry – aiding clients, colleagues and collaborators to better understand and promote air quality’s role.
Air quality impacts us and the world around us, so we are committed to working collectively together to improve it in a holistic way that considers people and planet.

The Air Quality group

(c) Photography by Federico Di Dio