Our living evolution – part 5.


James Ford

Economic evolution: The future belongs to the curious.

People have never been more aware of what they need to be well. Yet, often access to facilities to lead healthy, active lifestyles can be limited…

Previously in part 4, we discussed the importance of access, connectivity and multi-modal mobility, net zero and digitally enhanced lifestyles.

Activation of inclusive growth

Maximising shared value will be the order of the day. A collective-impact approach to development will simultaneously deliver responsible growth for investors while benefiting local communities. Places will be ethical economic generators, attracting new flows of benefits to the local area and elevating the quality of life of the people who live, work and socialise within them. Advancing social mobility will be a guiding principle, activating local opportunities throughout the construction and everyday life of a development.

A thriving hub fostering innovation and entrepreneurship

Highly accessible connected hubs will thrive on the ingenuity of entrepreneurship. Harnessing the vibrancy of opportunity, the most forward-thinking developments will host a diverse range of businesses, from start-ups to established multi-nationals, from science and research to creative industries. The innovation that emerges from the creative clash of contrasting uses, industries and sectors, will catalyse the potential for business growth.

Multi-generational knowledge, skills and expertise

Our places of the future will realise every opportunity to advance knowledge, skills and expertise for nurturing a happy, fulfilling life and help create a resilient and inclusive society. Strategies for multi-generational living, learning and collaboration on-site will reap benefits across the board. Accessible and inclusive opportunities for young people and underrepresented groups will bring the spirit of ‘good growth’ and embed it into all corners of the country and beyond.

Cities and placemaking present a multitude of opportunities where small changes can make massive impacts – from jobs, to transport, social experiences, and community connections. Locations that offer people a place for wellness will be in high demand…