Why sport is so important to us.


Carl Saxon, Director

Sport can mean different things to different people. It creates reactions like very little else in the world we live in. And we love sport for that.

Sport can excite and thrill us; whether you are a casual viewer, a fanatic, a follower or a participant, sport can provide an escape from some of the negativities you may be experiencing, and allows you to experience a unifying sense of achievement, even if you yourself hasn’t had an influence on the outcome.

The positive benefits to both physical and mental health are enormous, you don’t need to be competitive to feel the value of taking part in some form of activity whether it be team orientated or on your own. Sport can greatly influence your mental health and wellbeing by feeling a part of something, an involvement and a belonging, it builds confidence and provides an outlet for the days stresses and strains. For many people it introduces you to new friends often from different backgrounds but all united by a common goal and a team spirit.
Sport can be a mechanism for change, shining a light on societal issues and stepping in where politicians fall short. Traditionally sport has tended to be male dominated and binary in its recognition of gender.

But in recent years there has a massive change with women’s sport now being watched by more people than ever before. New and important debates are also emerging around the status of transgender competitors and hopefully beginning to normalise and harmonize sport so that it is truly inclusive.

Provides a platform for people all around the world

Sport also should not discriminate. No matter your background, ethnicity, ability or upbringing, you should be given the opportunity to participate and enjoy sport alongside everyone. It provides a platform for people all around the world to see themselves in athletes, realising they can strive to achieve excellence through hard work and dedication. Sport encourages an inclusive spirit of togetherness and teamwork.

We’re proud to work on the sporting venues which make a difference in people’s lives. Whether it’s working on a huge stadium, with facilities to help the superstar athletes who perform in them achieve their pinnacle in their profession; or completing a sports and leisure centre to help children forget their troubles and learn how to socialise with a new group of people.
We’re passionate our projects should be human centric. We want the places we create to put the user first, ensuring participants have the right facilities to perform, and the spectators the best way of experiencing the event. Athletes want to feel comfortable in their surrounds, free of distractions and create the right circumstances for there to realise their goals. Spectators want to be able to see what’s happening, know where they should be going, and be part of an atmosphere they can enjoy and have a positive impact on what they are seeing. Whether this be through the right wayfinding, the right acoustics and lighting, or being feeling safe in their surrounds. We also need to facilitate the digital media technology to provide access to and interaction with a wider audience.

Sport also demands attention to detail. By the barest of margins, slight adjustments and refinements, that extra 1%. This attention to detail is what we strive to achieve every time we work on a project.

We have always wanted to make a difference in society through the projects we work on. Sport brings us the opportunity to work with incredibly talented people who want to make a positive change. Afterall, sport is the most obvious example of how teamwork can achieve anything. We want to create spaces for users to want to spend their most enjoyable hours of their professional and social lives.




Photography © Diane Auckland