Are you feeling curious? Exploare issue 8.


Discover the summer edition of Exploare magazine.

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Our next instalment is all about boldly going – be it into the unknowns of the universe or challenging environs of humanitarian design; crossing research frontiers, forging a future for the energy sector, or finding a voice in newly accessible fields.

Space scientist Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock – keynote speaker at our national event Designing the Future – talks taking up space and continuing to reach for the stars, The Clangers and the cross-fertilisation of cosmic ideas.

Ahead of the Commonwealth Games, British long jump champion Jazmin Sawyers shares thoughts on what makes a sporting venue special, and the danger of not diversifying in what we do.

We also celebrate Dubai’s Heriot-Watt University, blueprint for intelligently optimised learning; check out the National Quantum Computing Centre making the UK a go-to hub for R&D; and revisit high-profile heritage project NoMad Hotel which is garnering rave reviews.

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