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WiredScore & SmartScore’s Accredited Professional programme.

Client expectations around network infrastructure and building control systems are changing. Tenants now expect digitally enabled buildings that provide data-driven decisions, with quality assurance, expert connectivity, and a constant service.

A property’s success is often measured by myriad markers: the experience of visitors, the health, wellbeing and retention of staff, tenant attraction, sustainable and cost-effective operation, and market branding.

All of this can be framed and supported by the digital interactions of systems, by the use of data and information underpinning the strategy and evolving design.

To bolster our capabilities, our Intelligent Buildings Group has joined WiredScore and SmartScore’s Accredited Professional programme in the UK.

Our engineers have completed their training and certifications for both and will now continue to apply their knowledge going forward to client schemes.

WiredScore is the organisation behind the WiredScore and SmartScore certifications: the internationally recognised digital connectivity and smart building rating systems for real estate, helping landlords design and promote buildings with powerful digital connectivity and smart capabilities.

Magnus Leask, Director, Hoare Lea’s Intelligent Buildings Group, said:

“Technical and smart requirements continue to drive the creation of innovative commercial building stock. We are focused on working with the industry to drive technology, not only focusing on tenant requirements, but also considering a Net Zero Carbon future. Working closely with WiredScore and SmartScore across a range of sectors through their Accredited Professional programme is instrumental to ensuring we remain at the forefront of building design for the future.”