Lighting the way.


5 commitments from our Lighting Design team.

Lighting is a key contributor to wellbeing, human experience, and energy use across the built environment. Inspired by the launch of our firm’s North Star, our Lighting Design team has begun to shape a new direction for the team and its work.

As the team explains: “Most of the lighting industry only considers how light looks and defines architecture, spending very little time considering how light impacts people – let alone the planet. High-end projects for the wealthy with little consideration of social value, people, and ecology, are often the norm. But when lighting’s benefits are shared with every kind of project, its role in shaping a better world for people and planet is unmistakeable.”

Our Lighting Design team’s five commitments capture their dedication to commit to:

  1. Designing lighting for human experience, balanced against the needs of our planet, to create energy-efficient, sustainable, and people-centric spaces.
  2. Extending creative lighting design to diverse projects, not just those that are high-end, so that the benefits are available to everyone.
  3. Specifying products on the basis of energy efficiency, embodied carbon, refurbishment/reuse/recycling capacity, ecological impact and human quality of life.
  4. Sharing knowledge for the benefit of all to help clients, colleagues, and collaborators better understand lighting’s role in environmental and people-centric decisions.
  5. Advocating for faster and more ambitious ecological and energy-efficiency policies across the industry – always mindful of the needs of people.

The lighting team.