Shaping a better city.


Ashley Bateson and Saul Tyler feature on New London Architecture’s expert panels.

New London Architecture (NLA) has announced their new series of Expert Panels.

These groups bring together industry experts from across the NLA membership to advise on core programmes, provide thought-leadership on design, development and construction in London and respond to new policies or consultations.

Formed of 12-15 individuals, they are providing a unique voice to comment on the key issues facing the capital.

A call for change.

Our head of Sustainability Ashley Bateson was selected as chair for the Net Zero panel.

This is comprised of individuals from across London’s built environment industry, all of whom are leading on the climate agenda.

Ashley has helped guide NLA’s Net Zero Programme. Together with the panel he will support a year-round programme of activities and research, as well as conducting formal responses to policy updates.

This year, the NLA Net Zero programme will focus on the adoption of climate solutions to help create a greener, zero-carbon London. Looking ahead to COP26 in November 2021, the NLA is developing the research paper “Resilience Cities”, focusing on the power of cities to adapt and transform through challenges, crisis and shocks.

The right spaces.

Saul Tyler, head of Workplace, will sit on the Workplace expert panel, providing insight in to this ever-changing sector.

This year-round programme explores the future for integrating commercial and affordable workplaces in the evolving city through bringing together key experts to explore the scope for co-location, attracting and retaining talent, and making the best use of land and buildings.

We’ll be hearing more from Saul and Ashley over the coming months.