Industry feedback for UKGBC Whole Life Carbon Roadmap.


Advancing Net Zero.

As part of the Net Zero Whole Life Carbon Roadmap development, UKGBC launched a consultation seeking feedback on draft proposals.

The consultation outlined a summary of proposals and recommendations set out within a draft version of the Roadmap and specific questions related to those proposals. It allowed industry stakeholders to gain clarity on draft proposals and give feedback based on their experiences of delivering a net zero built environment.

Proposals outlined in the draft Roadmap span the buildings sector and affect all domestic and non-domestic new builds, retrofits, and infrastructure.

The consultation launch of our Net Zero Whole Life Carbon Roadmap is a huge milestone, and is the culmination of significant efforts over recent months by a 100+ cross-industry project team.  

Tom Spurrier, Project Lead of UKGBC Net Zero Whole Life Carbon Roadmap & Director at Hoare Lea.

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