Can the UK transform the perception of retirement living?


Our latest event.

Following the release of our deep dive into the sector, on Tuesday 20 July we hosted a live streamed panel discussion looking at Integrated Retirement Communities in the UK.

Lead by broadcaster Angela Rippon, industry experts from across the sector came together to share their thoughts on tackling this challenge.

Together with our guests from Retirement Villages Group, ARCO and Life3A – a variety of inter-connected topics were explored.

We discussed cultural perceptions of ageing and planning & policy frustrations; to the importance of community connection and wellbeing-led environments.

Rippon, who expertly challenged each the panellists on their sector’s part to be played, said:

“The idea of living in a retirement village has a real image problem. How are we going to start to overcome that? It’s clear there are many fantastic, fit-for-purpose communities that consider design and affordability, along with health & wellbeing and social benefits, so it feels to me this is a sector that really needs to tackle public perception if we are to see the transformation that’s required.”

Mark Wilkinson of Hoare Lea added:

“We need to inspire more people of all ages from the wider population into retirement communities, so they can see what fantastic places they are. Many well-designed Integrated Retirement Communities are leading the residential sector in terms of quality; we need them in every town and village across the UK if we are to truly cater to what the population needs. They have a vital role to play in the community; I believe that once we see that integration – and people experience the benefits they offer – the misconceptions around retirement villages will become a thing of the past.”

The session was recorded for those unable to join us on the day. See below.