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Our People: Matt Grantham-Hill.


Using vertical transportation to create attractive, efficient and safe buildings.

My experience in vertical transportation…

…comes from working at a major lift manufacturer. I started as a Service Sales Account Manager looking after a portfolio of buildings in London. I progressed into a technical sales position and from there into lift modernisation project management.

I then met Simon Russett and shortly after he offered me a job at Hoare Lea. I’ve now been here for seven years, and while the transition from contractor to consultant wasn’t easy, I haven’t regretted it for a moment.

I am an Associate Director……

responsible for the Vertical Transportation team in our VT group. I work on a huge variety of projects in numerous sectors, so I’m never bored. There is always a new challenge to overcome or a new skill to learn. Since March, I’ve swapped out my long commute for more productive tasks. As I’m responsible for VT’s output, a large proportion of my time is spent is supporting the wider team. Then there’s finance, fee proposals, business development and recruitment…plenty to keep me busy!

I love the variety…

…of work I do in a single day. In the morning I could be working on a hospital and an office, but in the afternoon be involved in a residential tower or a train station.

Working in VT means I get an exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ look of some of the UK’s most iconic buildings, especially the views from the roof.

The VT industry is…

…. fundamentally about moving people efficiently through buildings.

While the basics of a lift haven’t really changed, new technology is altering the way users interact and perceive the way they move through a building.

This drive towards greater flexibility in buildings means products are becoming better connected and smart. The more data we can collect, the better buildings will be in the future.

I’ve worked on hundreds of projects…

…all of which have challenged me in various ways. Some of my favourites have been Plumtree Court, Goldman Sachs European HQ, International Quarter London and 1 Blackfriars.

Another is Gatwick Station; I pass through it every day on my commute, so I have been able to see first-hand the massive improvement the scheme will have for millions of holiday makers and commuters.

When I’m not working…

…my wife and I care for our two young(ish) boys. I enjoy running and cycling to keep fit. I am also involved in in our local rugby club as joint head coach for the U13s and spend most of my weekends cheering the boys sports teams.